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Sekiguchi Theme Shop is Hong Kong gift shop operated by Brucie Creation Limited. It began as a small wagon counter in LCX, Harbour City in November, 2004. Until early 2005, Sekiguchi Theme Shop was officially opened. Two years later, two branches were opened in Miramar Shopping Centre. With the increase of space, we were able to introduce a wider range of products to our customers. Since the very beginning of our business, we have been cooperating with different companies and organizations for various promotion events which were big successes

We hope that people would enjoy shopping at our store. By frequently changing our window display, we try to bring some festive atmosphere as well as the latest products to the public. We would also like to provide a warm and cozy place for customers.

Besides the shop environment, we are renowned for selling genuine and quality products which are new and hot in Japan. Customers can buy their lovely toys without the worries about counterfeit products and unreasonable prices.

We are also confident of our services. We care about our customers¡¯ needs and try our best to fulfill their requests. All these contribute to a gradual increase of shop members over the past few years.

Yet we are looking for space for improvement. With the enormous virtual storage on the internet, we now extend our business online to exhibit an even wider diversity of goods and services to our customers.

Sekiguchi Theme Shop Online is a step forward. It provides not only a fast and easy method of online shopping but also a platform of new services. Come regularly to check what is updated!