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We have our favourite toys. Some are our childhood friends. Some have special meaning to us. One day, when you find your "best friend's" arm broken, what will you do? Throw it away? Put it into a treasure box which you may never open it again? Or give them to someone who wants it? The last choice seems not bad but what if you still love it?

If you have ever encountered the above difficulty, here we have got good news for you. Sekiguchi theme shop online is providing a clinic service for toys (temporarily Monchhichi toys only).

You may send the photos of the patient to our doctors to estimate the medical fee first. If you agree with the medical fee, you may then send* the patient to us for a FREE in-depth body check**. Our doctors will conduct a surgery when the payment is confirmed. After the patient recovers, we will immediately send * it home.

If customers have sent* the patient to us but eventually do not want the surgery to take place. We will send* it back to the customers with the packing materials provided by them.

Please cherish your toys as well as the precious friendship with them.

* Customers will be responsible for all the delivery costs regardless of whether the surgery has been conducted.

** According to the patients' condition, our doctors may quote additional charges after body check.