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Q: Are there any branches of Sekiguchi Theme Shop in mainland China or overseas countries?
A: We only have shops in Hong Kong. (Please check "Contact Us" for further details.) Therefore, any "Sekiguchi Theme Shop" outside Hong Kong is NOT related to us.
Q: If the product is not in good quality when it is received by customers, will there be any replacement or refund?

According to our procedures, we will check our products of them before delivering them to customers to ensure good qualities. However, we see the possibilities of damages caused during the delivery. Therefore, we will offer replacement according to the following procedures:

  1. A request for replacement should be made within 14 days after the goods are received (based on the records provided by Hong Kong Post).
  2. Customers may take pictures of the problematic products and send the photos to us via email. Please state clearly what the problem is.
  3. If the defects are not caused after use, we will arrange replacement to our customers.
  4. After receiving our consent of replacement*, customers may return the problematic products to us. (As the postage varies from different delivery methods, we are sorry for not being responsible for this postage.)
  5. Once we have received the returned product, we will deliver a new one to our customers. (This time, we will pay for the postage.)
  6. * If customers return the item to us without receiving our consent of replacement, we will just send the same thing back to them. (Postage will be all paid by the customers.)
Q: What if customers want to change other models?
A: If the products are not sent out, customers can still change their order. (Usually, we deliver the products once the payment is received.) However, once the products are sent out, we will not accept any changes of orders.
Q: How to create an account?

Customers can only buy things when they have created an account. They can create an account before shopping or checking out the shopping carts. Creating an account is simple:

  1. Click on "Login" on the left column.
  2. 2. Click on the button "continues" under "New Customer".
  3. Fill in personal information. (Please make sure the information fill in the item with asterisk is correct or it will lead to failure of delivery.)
  4. Check your registered email to confirm registration.
  5. An account is successfully created and customers can enjoy shopping here.
Q: How to place an order?

Placing an order is also easy:

  1. Choose the category which you want on the left column.
  2. Choose a product that you like and click on the button "buy" under the thumbnail. (You may also click on the button "details" for larger image and more detailed descriptions before clicking on "buy".)
  3. If you cannot find your favourite on this page, you may click on the page numbers on the top or at the bottom.
  4. The number of items in your shopping cart is shown on the top right corner. You may click on the number to see what was put in your shopping cart.
  5. If you want to cancel ordering a specific item, check the respective box under the "Remove" column and click on the "update" button.
  6. If you want to buy more, click on the button "continue shopping".
  7. If you have finished shopping and would like to proceed to payment, click on the "check out" button.
  8. Give us the information for delivery.
  9. Be logged in to finish the check out process.
Q: How to pay for the goods?
A: You will receive a confirmation letter showing what items are ordered and the total amount. Choose the payment method for remittance. We accept Visa, Master and CUP. Customers can also pay through Paypal.
Q: How are the goods delivered?
A: If it is not specified by our customers, we will deliver the goods as registered mails by air provided by Hong Kong Post. (If posting methods are specified, we may charge an additional amount for the posting service and other related costs.)
Q: Do we need to pay for the posting services?
A: Free shipping on purchases over HKD600 in our online store. Areas include Hong Kong and areas where Hong Kong Post Office can send, but do not include the following areas: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Iceland, Finland and Mexico, as well as some remote areas. We will charge additional postage as needed.
Q: How will delivery be arranged?
A: Once payment is confirmed, we will pack the goods and send them out. According to the Hong Kong Post, goods will be received within 7 - 21 working days after the goods are sent out*.
* The time spent on custom clearance is not counted. This estimated time can only be applied to more than 200 major cities in the world. Some areas may need longer time for delivery.